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Animal Rescue Thailand

In this exciting new series, Edwin Wiek, the founder of the largest wildlife rescue centre in South-East Asia, seeks out cases of animal abuse across Thailand, from the streets of Bangkok to the crowded beaches and forested interior. His team already has its work cut out caring for 500 creatures at his animal rescue centre. 

Green Iceland 

  The last few decades have seen an increase in the production of vegetables, fruit and flowers grown in Icelandic greenhouses using local geothermal water, as well as the various traditional outdoor products such as potatoes.  This programmes highlights the various products produced using this green energy. 

The Journey Home – Tales from Iceland´s far North

Situated in Iceland´s northernmost region, Árneshreppur is the country´s remotest and most secluded community.  María Guðmundsdóttir, one of Iceland´s most celebrated photographers, grew up in Árneshreppur parish and despite her globe-trotting lifestyle, this is the place she loves the most. She takes us on this journey home to meet her locals, experience their way and […]

Feathered Friends

In this unique tale of cooperation we visit the eider ducks and farmers of Iceland and witness a centuries old practise which has woven its way into the fabric of Icelandic culture. For centuries, the people of Iceland have been protecting the wild eider ducks and their nests, and in return have collected their valuable […]

Showreel 2015

Profilm offers full production service in Iceland. Whatever you need – we can find it for you! Profilm owns the largest library of footage of Iceland in HD. We also own beautiful footage from all across Thailand in HD and 4K. Contact us for stock shots. Profilm.is proudly produces high quality documentaries for the international […]

Stock: Aerials

Profilm has through out the years recorded and stocked aerials in HD from all over Iceland.  Do you need a stock shot for your commercial, for your internet story or other marketing products?  Contact us now for more information. Tel: + 354 517 4070 | Mobile: + 354 822 4070 | mail: annadis@profilm.is

Stock: Wildlife

We have used years in collecting unique shots of wildlife in Iceland and in Asia. All in HD. Contact us now for more information. Tel: + 354 517 4070 | Mobile: + 354 822 4070 | mail: annadis@profilm.is

Stock: Nature

Do you need some stock shots where the nature plays the main role? You are the right place. At Profilm we have stock shots in full HD og nature and natures diversity. Our library contains hours after hours of shots which will take your breath away. Hit play to see some of the sceneries. Contact us […]

Stock: Geothermal and Volcanic

Are you working on climate projects or do you need some stock shots where the earth is really hot and burning? Look no further. We have stock shots in full HD of geothermal scenery from Iceland. Contact us now for more information. Tel: + 354 517 4070 | Mobile: + 354 822 4070 | mail: […]