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Spirit of Unbounded
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Jóhann Sigfússon tók þessa mynd yfir Landmannalaugum.

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Vá! Hvar er þetta?

Dásamleg mynd.

falleg mynd form og litir


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A wonderful message from a New Yorker who doesn't give up - thanks to our "Ferðin heim - smásögur úr Árneshreppi" / "The Journey Home - tales from the far North"

Mejjama Bird
7 hrs ·
This is a story for the category of "Random things that somehow work out and make you feel good about life".
I just went to Iceland. Amongst other places, we went to Norðurfjörður, a small community in the remote North. Narrow gravel roads go there along endless fjords, and fewer than 30 people live in the area. The only shop opens for 3 hours on Saturdays. There is one cafe. Everyone in the village knew each other and knew we were up hiking in the mountain that day. (Not so much else happening.)
We loved it. Time stops there and you find peace.
On the way back I watched a documentary on the plane exactly about this area. About people's lives there. About the sheep. About the winters there. About the gravel roads. About a school with a total of 3 pupils. And I saw the places that I just went to. The old herring factory. The shipwreck. The range of mountains that we had dubbed "Three sisters, a dog, a sheep, and a lamb" because we couldn't possibly remember the Icelandic name. And I LOVED the documentary.
I come home and tell my friend about it, and we want to watch it again. But, I can't find it on the airline's website! It's not there. Nowhere. I eventually contact the airline. They can't find it either. They suggest different options, different documentaries. But it's not there. I google. Nothing. I kind of remembered the name, I describe the film, but nothing. This is out of Google range -- there is nothing about the film. Nothing. Did I just dream it up?
Eventually, one employee in the entertainment department of the airline recognizes the film. It exists!!!!! But they can't find it either in the internet, only a short trailer. But that is it! It's the film! Now searching for the exact name gives only four hits on google: the trailer, the production company's Facebook site, and two announcements on the movie showing in Iceland. All in Icelandic of course. Not a hint for the movie being available anywhere else. Not to speak of English subtitles for us language-limited visitors.
I am not giving up. I sign up on vimeo. I message the production company. It's a small company specializing on making documentaries on Iceland. I am their 101th follower on vimeo. The trailer has one 'Like'. It's from me.
An hour later I have a reply. THEY FOUND THE FILM!!!! The director/producer replies with a wonderful message and sends me a private link. So that we can watch it. I FOUND THE FILM!!!
Life is good. Life is complete. I can sit in humid, hectic, crowded New York City and dream of Iceland. Of a place where time stops and the soul can rest.
Thank you.
Heather Behnke Daly
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I like that story. I have the icelandic version of that documentary, because the directresse was so kind to give it to me as a gift. I know most of the people in that film, so I was kind of happy to take them home with me - but Icelandic is kind of difficult to understand, so I would be more than happy again for an english or english/german version. So, Profilm - do you have an online-shop? Is it available in bookshops?

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