Showreel 2015

Profilm offers full production service in Iceland. Whatever you need – we can find it for you!
Profilm owns the largest library of footage of Iceland in HD. We also own beautiful footage from all across Thailand in HD and 4K. Contact us for stock shots. proudly produces high quality documentaries for the international market telling stories others cannot find. Our documentaries and films have been bought by some of the major distributors and broadcaster in the world, f.i. stories from a disappearing culture and nature, a series on Discovery. We tell stories about Wild animal rescue and rehabilitation, we register people living in harmony with the environment, and fighting nature. And then some more..

Show Reel 2011

Show Reel of our work for 2011! Enjoy!

Me and My Genes, BBC

Me and My Genes

Is the name of a two part series being produced by Furnace TV for BBC4 and The Open University.

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Emmy nomination 2011

We are proud to announce that our own Jóhann Sigfússon has been nominated for The Emmys as Director of photography for Outstanding Cinematography (Documentaries/News category) for “Iceland Volcano Eruption” which we produced for National Geographics Channel with our co-producers Scandinature. Read more

BBC - Seven Wonders of the Solar System

BBC – Seven Wonders of the Solar System

Profilm provided production service for the BBC twice last year for the fascinating up coming series “Seven Wonders of the Solar System” with Prof. Brian Cox due to be premier this year.

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