Stock: Wildlife

We have used years in collecting unique shots of wildlife in Iceland and in Asia. All in HD. Contact us now for more information. Tel: + 354 517 4070 | Mobile: + 354 822 4070 | mail:

Stock: Nature

Do you need some stock shots where the nature plays the main role? You are the right place. At Profilm we have stock shots in full HD og nature and natures diversity. Our library contains hours after hours of shots which will take your breath away. Hit play to see some of the sceneries.

Contact us now for more information. Tel: + 354 517 4070 | Mobile: + 354 822 4070 | mail:

Living On The Edge

Living On The Edge (Ultimate Journeys – Iceland) is a 60 min. documentary.  Iceland is a wild and beautiful country. It offers some of the most stunning and unique landscapes on the planet.  It´s a remote island wilderness, where for centuries man has battled against the forces of nature, harvesting its riches and its power. Read more

Favourite Horses

The story of the Icelandic Horse is a truly heroic one. Brought to Iceland in the 10th century by the first Viking settlers and kept in complete isolation for over eleven hundred years, it is the purest breed in the world. Raised in herds allowed to roam freely in the wild, the Icelandic Horse is a hardy, versatile and free-spirited animal that has faithfully served its master throughout all the hardships of bygone centuries. Loved and revered by the nation, the horse is as distinctively Icelandic as the country´s language and Sagas. Read more

Reykjavik & The Golden Circle

Reykjavik & The Golden Circle ” is a wonderful, user-friendly DVD (interactive) exploring some of the most popular travel destinations in Iceland´s south-west region.Shot in high – definition, this DVD includes beautiful aerial shots of some of the most magial landscapes in Iceland. Read more

Akureyri and The Magical North

Akureyri and The Magical North” offers you a breathtaking view of northern Iceland, with natural wonders gracing the beautiful landscape. Read more

Iceland´s Favourite Places

Iceland´s Favourite Places was released in June 2007 and became the top selling Icelandic DVD. Filmed in high-definition in over 100 Icelandic locations. The music is composed by Sigtryggur Baldursson and Ben Frost. Read more