Favourite Horses

The story of the Icelandic Horse is a truly heroic one. Brought to Iceland in the 10th century by the first Viking settlers and kept in complete isolation for over eleven hundred years, it is the purest breed in the world. Raised in herds allowed to roam freely in the wild, the Icelandic Horse is a hardy, versatile and free-spirited animal that has faithfully served its master throughout all the hardships of bygone centuries. Loved and revered by the nation, the horse is as distinctively Icelandic as the country´s language and Sagas.

Iceland´s Favourite Horses is part of the best-selling Iceland´s Favourite Places series. Shot in high-definition, this film tells the story of this beautiful horse, its partnership with man and how the wild and spectacular Icelandic nature has moulded its unique character.

Narration is in 3 languages: English, German and Icelandic.
Running time 30 min.

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