Into Icelands Volcano

Into Iceland´s Volcano is a 50 min. documentary.  For the first time ever, a team of explorers and volcanologists descend into the world´s largest volcano crater, Þríhnúkagígur in Iceland, the only place on earth where it is possible to enter an old magma chamber.  Inside the crater, the team finds crucial evidence revealing the inner workings of Icelandic volcanoes. Read more

Elephant whisperer

Sangduen Chailert, or Lek, as she is generally known, has already rescued over 200 elephants. She has dedicated her life to saving the Asian elephant and founded a special camp, The Elephant Nature Park to protect them. We follow this winner of Time Magazine’s “Asian Hero of the Year” Award in her work. Read more

Reykjavik & The Golden Circle

Reykjavik & The Golden Circle ” is a wonderful, user-friendly DVD (interactive) exploring some of the most popular travel destinations in Iceland´s south-west region.Shot in high – definition, this DVD includes beautiful aerial shots of some of the most magial landscapes in Iceland. Read more

Akureyri and The Magical North

Akureyri and The Magical North” offers you a breathtaking view of northern Iceland, with natural wonders gracing the beautiful landscape. Read more

Everybody Present

Profilm recently finished “EVERYBODY PRESENT”, an hour long documentary on a group of ladies who have been dancing together for half a century. The documentary is directed by the renowned photographer Maria Gudmundsdottir and it is her first documentary film. The script is written by best-selling author Vigdis Grimsdottir.

Iceland´s Favourite Places

Iceland´s Favourite Places was released in June 2007 and became the top selling Icelandic DVD. Filmed in high-definition in over 100 Icelandic locations. The music is composed by Sigtryggur Baldursson and Ben Frost. Read more